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"Oh that's it, you fucking lezzie bitch, you pussy-pleasing skank! I struggled to hold her there and lick her juices as she came down from climax. I'd have to take it slow, once she felt this was how sex should be, she'd be mine. I'd be hers, but perhaps I'd get those lush full lips onto one of my tits. Until then you stay on the ground like the fucking worm you are and thank your lucky stars I enjoy humiliating you enough to let you eat my cunt." "I'm sorry, Mistress, you're right of course. " "That's more like it, Tina-bitch." She reached into my toy bin and pulled out a riding crop. She delivered a sharp crop to my ass and I hurried to complete the chore for my owner, my pussy dripping anew at my naked maid service.

Our site was first launched in 2005, with the goal of creating a site that celebrates the beauty of the female form, and the sensual nature that radiates from within.

While our focus is mostly on softcore erotica and nude art, we do occasionally post masturbation or hardcore series that are passionate and sexy in our opinion.

Her thighs wrapped around my head, blocking out the rest of the room. The air in this universe was humid, no saturated with her cunt juice from her masturbation.

The scent was intoxicating, I nearly hyperventilated trying to smell as much of her aroma as I could. It was too early, I hadn't accounted for how close she got herself just watching my humiliation.

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Did she have any idea how frustrating it was to see her in her underwear? "I'd let you, you know," she added with a cock of her head. "Oh my god, you are such a fucking pervert," she laughed and slapped her thigh. "Yes..." I whispered, lacking any motivation to lie. "Suck those toes, Tina-bitch." "Thank you, Mistress! " "I'm sorry, Diana, I didn't know I had permission." "Holy shit, Tina, permission? I quickly looked away but the sight filled me ecstasy, was there a chance I could turn this goddess? " I licked as long a path as I could, winding from heel to ball across to the little toe. I'm immensely privileged just to have the honor of being your property. I thank you for a gift that I don't deserve." "Oh that's the stuff, slut. It was indelicate, almost painful, but I was so far gone it didn't matter.

How long afterwards I'd picture those perfect breasts slapping my face from side to side? I need it." "Well it's funny you should mention that because I found some interesting stuff on here." She smirked and pulled up my web history. Every muscle in my body froze, and paused for just a moment staring out the half open door. I should run out of there as fast as I could, but still... "And you're a fucking bitch." I pulled the door open the rest of the way and tried to take a step out... " I gasped again and sucked her whole left foot into my mouth, basically fellating it. I clutched my thighs around her foot and humped it for all it was worth as my orgasm began. " I looked up at her in confusion before following her gaze down to my feet.

She thumbed through a few dozen tabs of lesbian bdsm porn. I started moaning louder and louder until Diana thrust her toes into my gaping mouth, gagging me as I came. Sure enough, drops of glistening cunt juice marked a trail across the room and onto the side of my bedsheets.

Women on women flogging, foot-worshipping, strapon-fucking, cunt-licking; picture after picture before coming to rest on one of busty brunette smothering a redhead beneat her ass. "I hope you like the smell of your own cunt, whore, because it looks like that's what you'll be sleeping with.

Her black hair framed a slender face and fell halfway down her back. "Close the door, slut," Diana ordered in a commanding tone straight out of my fantasies. "Good girl, turn around." I did as told and turned to see Diana toss her robe across the room. "No..." she teased shaking her head and dropping her breasts. Finally, I peeled my panties off, a long ribbon of juice extended from the panties to my shaved cunt and dripped onto my jeans. She lifted her feet and rubbed them over each side of my feet. A fucking lezzie skank lying on the floor sucking my fucking toes. " I gasped "I'm nothing to you, I'm less than a dog, I have no purpose beyond worshipping you. Please fuck my filthy whore cunt with your beautiful foot." I reached both hands to my tits and mashed them together while she moved a foot down to my crotch, leaving the other on my face.