Start Racism in gay dating

Racism in gay dating

Together with the black gay men's project Big Up, gay men's health charity GMFA has launched a campaign to tackle racism and celebrate ethnic diversity within the gay scene.

If that's not depressing enough, these men also face a health crisis.

One out of four black gay and bisexual men will be HIV-positive by the time they turn 25 years old. Activists want that number repeated over and over to drive it home: At the current rate of infection, nearly 60 percent of this group will test HIV-positive by their 40th birthday.

Phrases like “no blacks” are pervasive on apps like Grindr and Scruff.

At other times, people of color say they're treated like an exotic novelty.

Finally we asked them the big question: is the gay scene racist?

Topher Campbell - writer, director and co-founder of rukus!

It was such a welcome surprise to me because it was such an ethnically diverse and friendly crowd.