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For the most part, their arrival at high school ends the drama of middle school.

It looks to have generally a weekly release): p.1: ".album ...

It was none of the above; we were just cold and the two of us were shivering.

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The two pages from "Billboard" magazine, , infer a mid-July release date, with the release of Blonde On Blonde announced in a news item and also listed in "New Album Releases".

The page dealing with mono releases of this album, see Mono Album Releases, has an illustration of a mono white label radio station copy with a date of "JUL 15 1966", which also supports a mid-July release date., p.1 & p.4 (KRLA at that time was a popular Top 40 Southern California AM radio station which published KRLA BEAT as, maybe, the first American paper to focus on rock and popular music and culture.

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