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It's like a step back through arcade game history, and some of these games predate our politically correct sensibilities, which can be hilarious."Radio Habana Social Club"A super-quirky bar with random stuff hung all over the ceiling and walls. It's a great place for a few drinks and live music."The Bay Lights"The lights are a new and great addition to San Francisco.

Winter jackets come for free since nobody owns one here."Float Singapore"I've found the perfect real-life pause button. It isolates all my senses so I don't hear, touch, smell or taste anything; I'm just alone with myself and the noise in my head until I decide to resume reality, then it's sensory overload again."Nox - Dine In The Dark"It's an interesting game trying to guess what I'm eating and observing the power of suggestion by imagining different foods before I take a bite.

It's a great way to exercise, relax and get inspired." share their favourite creative haunts from the German capital.

Templehofer Feld"Situated in the south-central Berlin borough of 􏰋Templehof-Schöneberg, this airport has been disused since 2008, but its vibrant, open space is now used as a public park," says Walrond.

Either way, this list of 12 of the best places to live as a designer – chosen by illustrators, designers and artists who live in each location, with great illustrations by Tom Woolley – will reveal some hidden gems that any creative needs to investigate. If I feel that I need a break, I usually go to the gym or attend an event here.