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“If you’d signed a year and a half ago when I called you, we would have said that.” The ongoing ribbing between Rob and Paige instantly tells two things: one, that Rob’s wit is sharp, and he’s adept at engaging people, and has no problem giving them enough rope to contribute to his brand in their own way.

Rob’s business is all about making fitness accessible to everybody. Get so deep inside your own head that nothing could ever stop you from reaching your goals! He actually has the big one and I have the small one.” This hints at what makes Paige the ideal face of an already successful fitness philosophy. It can be done alone or with friends, but is largely focused on maintaining a balance between the inevitable calories that go along with a strong social life and having myriad apps in your pocket that can have a pizza to your door in under 30 minutes.

“I think it’s something that people need help with. People have poor education and they believe the wrong people when it comes to diet, but that calories-in versus calories-out, if you actually did nothing more than follow that, you’d probably get great results.” It’s very hard to argue with Rob’s logic, even without taking the huge success his brand has enjoyed into consideration. Rob knows this, and used it to his advantage when designing his business. Our target market is 25 to 40 year-olds who care about the way that they look but don’t want to be professional athletes.

While he happily admits to his decision to Americanise the brand, he’s probably done more research than anybody else on how to take an idea from concept to international success in such a short space of time.

The wrong person could be incensed by a comment like that, but he’s right – a quick Google reveals that of the 31 Primary Health Networks across Australia, last year’s records show that the eight with the highest rates of overweight and obesity were all recorded in regional and rural locations. Did you do something today to get closer to your goals..? Are you making an effort to turn your setback into a comeback..? The only place where you become UNSTOPPABLE is in your own thinking, your own thoughts. “The best fitness influencer in the world has a f*cking pizza on her arm.” After howls of laughter, Paige is quick to clarify. My best friend had gotten the whole pizza minus one slice and I got the one slice, but because I’m the one that wanted to do it I made him get the whole pizza.

@f45_training #f45 #f45training #fitfam A post shared by Paige Hathaway (@paigehathaway) on “The face? ” teases Paige, who’s sitting cross-legged in an armchair, decked out in F45 training gear and an oversized hoodie.

“We could never have done this without Paige” Rob quickly shoots back sarcastically.

The first thing is people have so many different ideas and strategies and there’s new fad diets coming in and out, but the reality is it’s like everything: the simpler you can keep your philosophy the better. Our diet plans, our challenges – they’re all built around sustainability and are really simple, which is very rare in the fitness market, where often they expect you turn up seven days a week and train, not have any cheat meals, not drink any alcohol.