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Dns clients not updating records

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When the client dynamically updates its DNS information in this situation, the client's DNS time stamp is not updated until the Refresh interval takes effect.

This behavior controls and manages DNS and Active Directory replication (for AD Integrated Zones).

In the case of using the DHCP service to register client's DNS records, you need to add the DHCP server's computer account to the DNSUpdate Proxy Security group and set the appropriate settings on the DHCP server's properties.

In other scenarios, when a change is made on the DHCP server such as configuring the DHCP service to update DNS records on behalf of the client, the DHCP server may not update a DNS record when the client registers a DNS record.

It is important to understand how clients update their DNS records dynamically to prevent issues where the process fails due to poor management of your DNS zones and records.

Many DNS administrators find that the Dynamic DNS update process, and aging/scavenging processes may be difficult to understand and manage correctly.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you understand the relationship between DNS security and record updates to prevent issues such as clients NOT being able to update their DNS records, or DNS records being scavenged for legitimate domain computers.