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Buggy bootcamp essex

When I was younger it was a desire to be ‘body beautiful’ but, as time goes on and life gets fuller and more demanding, it’s less about striving to look like a Sweaty Betty model and much more about the mental and emotional benefits that diet and exercise deliver.

Couldn't recommend MG Fitness in Fitness highly enough if you want to start really getting fit with no excuses.

A comprehensive timetable means that there is always a session at a time that suits you.

Current DNA Boot Camp locations across Essex: Basildon Brentwood Colchester Chelmsford Experience the challenge as you are pushed and motivated to new levels of fitness that were beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m 39 years old, Mum to two demanding toddlers, wife to a husband with a crazy work schedule, daughter to a mum needing full time care, part time PT and fitness coach and passionate believer in the mantra ‘healthy body healthy mind’.

I don’t have one particular sport or activity that I enjoy most.

Having reaped the rewards of group exercise, I decided I wanted to create a space where women, particularly new mums, could come together to exercise, get fit and get back to themselves so I started Upminster Yummy Mummies – buggy bootcamps for new mums wanting to incorporate fitness into their crazy, sleep deprived schedules.

It’s only early days but I have a great group ladies and the buzz I get from helping them work towards their goals is amazing.

It’s so hard but SO important to realise that being a mum and being yourself are not mutually exclusive.