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Belize culture dating

The Classic period is known for artistic and intellectual splendor.

Neglecting to perform such sacrifices, they believed, could result in chaos and cosmic disorder.

Sacrifices were only one of many religious traditions used in worshipping the gods.

In time strong rulers began wielding power over these communities, and Maya culture grew in complexity.

They also used a complex cyclic calendar of days and years to determine the future and to record history and mythology.

The last date recorded on stelae that archaeologists have found so far is from 909 in Toniná, in southern Mexico.

Among the factors that help explain why the civilization collapsed were the endemic warfare, overpopulation, degradation of the environment, and drastic climate change and drought.

And today more than six million Maya live in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, speaking 28 languages and blending ancient and modern ways.